A curious case of Amazon order

My husband and I have been living apart for about 3 weeks now and we won’t see each other until the last week of March. (I’ll discuss more details about this later.)
He’s on the East coast and I’m here in LA.
So we talk a lot on the phone, skype, text, email, etc.
This is great because I’ve been obsessed with my phone since I finally became a smartphone user in last August.
It’s glued to my hands and I do everything on the phone although my computer is on pretty much all day.

First thing I do in the morning is checking emails on my smartphone in the bed – partly to force myself to open my eyes. And of course text, facebook, LA times, twitter, and everything you can do on a smartphone.
But some emails come with a large picture or a lot of information and I re-check those on a computer when I actually get up.

This morning, with one eye still closed, I saw an email subject “Your Order with Amazon.com.”
I had ordered a bicycle lock that is now never coming for 11 days so I thought the email was about that order.
I clicked the email, and it was

Amazon order

Clearly, something was ordered this morning and there was my husband’s name, too.
Strange, I was sleeping. Did somebody steal my credit card info?!
So this would be a kind of email I re-check on a computer and thankfully make me get up immediately.
Then I saw a text from my husband.

“I ordered from Amazon with gift card my mom found. Still have $5 if you need something, let me know. :)”

He didn’t say what he ordered but it was him, not a cyber thief who stole my credit card and Amazon account info. So that kept me in a bed a little longer. πŸ™‚

He likes window shopping but rarely buys anything. And we’ve been trying to save as much as we can so immediately I got so curious what he had bought in the early morning as soon as he had woken up.
Then it hit me.
‘It’s Feb 6! only a week to the Valentine’s day!’
Even though I didn’t really buy him a Christmas gift last year (despite the fact it was our first Christmas together) and we’re not so big on celebrating all the special days, he’s still given me gifts or taken me out on a dinner on special occasions.

‘Aww, he’s so sweet. Aww, Valentine’s day gift for me. I wonder what he ordered.’

I decided not to ask him what he bought because I wanted to wait to surprise myself.

With my dreamy eyes and happy smile, I made myself a cup of morning tea and got a piece of Babka (my new favorite Eastern European cake) before I go through a list of things to do.
First thing on the list: check when the h*** my bicycle lock (the one I mentioned above) is schedule for delivery.
I ordered it on Jan 27. Yes. 11 days is enough time to receive something shipped from Korea. And if you live in Korea, you’d have received your order, returned it, and got a refund in your bank account.
I logged onto my Amazon account without thinking that I’d get to see what he ordered for my Valentine’s day gift.


“?? Why would he order….. ??…. !!!”

It took me a couple of seconds to realize that he didn’t order those razors for me, nor did he for a Valentine’s day gift. I rechecked the order confirmation email and yes, it said he ordered razors.
Because I was just waking up when I saw the email, and it was one of those lots-of-info-so-check-again-on-a-computer emails, I didn’t scroll down to see the order detail which would have shown me the razors.
Also, if I hadn’t been half asleep when I checked the email on the phone, I would’ve been clever enough to doubt it’d be a Valentine’s day gift because the email clearly said it’s being shipping to my husband’s current place.
But the instant thought of “only a week to the Valentine’s day!” just blanked my head.

Oh well, I guess we are still not big on celebrating special days. :S


3 thoughts on “A curious case of Amazon order

  1. “This is great because I’ve been obsessed with my phone since I finally became a smartphone user in last August.
    It’s glued to my hands and I do everything on the phone although my computer is on pretty much all day.”

    LOL, you really ARE Korean! It is amazing that you describe what nearly every, single Korean I see here does. Even saw 3 girls, about mid-teens, all hanging out on the subway but each of them on their smartphones.

    In a way, it’s a little sad. There is a big gap between using the technology and understanding it’s implications for doing so.

    I look at it like “What would happen if Aliens gave us some super-whiz-bang tech device.” and I find that South Korea is a good parallel what happens to a society when they suddenly have tech that never existed 15-20 years ago. I see the lack of respect for the device and how it gets treated like a 3rd arm(I saw one kid nearly cry because a teacher took his phone away from him because he was misbehaving….literally on the edge of tears…watery eyes and all). The attachment to such things is creepy.

    But hey, maybe this stuff is just a phase and eventually it’ll be recognized for what it is….eventually. Just another ‘thing’ that distracts us from life.

    • It’s awesome that you could be zen in such a tech-addict country. But I see this as a global phenomenon. There’s a new American TV show called “The new normal” and one episode was about not using a phone at all for at least a day because the couple is in the bed and talk to each other on their twitter pages, do the same at the dining table, and so on. Also I’ve seen many other shows and movies that have a scene like what you described-girls on the subway. It happens in NYC too, where I used to live before moving to LA, and of course here in LA. I think it’s an unavoidable social evil especially in big cities with a fast-paced life style. Even a lot of companies want a tech savvy person who’s current on all the social apps/websites I don’t even know/care. But I can’t help frowning when I see parents give smartphone or tablet to a kid to play with. It just doesn’t seem right. Some of those are babies! They probably don’t want to feed their kids junk food but they’re giving them a phone radiation.
      Anyway, I’m personally a super curious minded person. I have so many things I wanna know and study. And when I research, one thing leads to another and another…
      Before I bought a smartphone, I used to carry a notepad and wrote down everything I wanted to look up when I went home and sometimes I stayed up to research those. But now I can look up right away instead of being obsessed with the thought and curiosity until I get home to use the computer. So, that’s why… πŸ™‚

      • I use to own a DayTimer (http://www.daytimer.com/). I still have some of the old years in their storage box back home at my parents place. I used to write down everything as well. I really couldn’t keep it all straight in my head and remember what time I was doing what and where. That got upgraded to my first PDF, a Palm Z21. I used that for everything, especially useful for when I was out on a tech call (or just planning where to be and when). Then that got upgraded to a Palm Z22(woo-hoo, colour PDA) but it lasted shorter than the Z22. Eventually it progressed into my current Galaxy Tab 8.9 and still, I can’t keep things as straight as I would like. These devices don’t help you to remember to write things down πŸ˜› I got a pic to use on my blog soon about this. Keep an eye out about kids and smartphones. πŸ™‚

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