Hope this lasts.

I’ve had a couple of blogs since the beginning of the blog era on internet. All were mainly to keep my personal thoughts and ideas and never meant to be published openly. And I don’t write on those blogs anymore although I sometimes read them.

My parents used to tell me I lack patience. Whether it’s my interest or dream I wanted to pursue, they didn’t think I kept up with it for long enough to whatever they think I was supposed to do with it.
Well, I have to admit that it is true but it’s not because I lack patience. It’s because I had (and still have) interest in so many other things. I mean SO MANY! Science, arts, sports, literature, just about everything! And while this might sound very arrogant, I learned fast and became good at a lot of those I was interested in a short period of time.
But you were right, mom and dad. There are certain things I dropped too soon and too easily, like my previous blogs. 😦

So, I’m hoping this blog would last and become a good hangout spot to connect with others.  🙂


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