30 is greater than 21

Which score looks better to you if you were a Celtics fan?

I’m a football fan. Some of my friends even call me a football hooligan because I do become Hulk when my team sucks. I’m talking a real football, not American football that wears so much padding.*
But I also watch other sports for fun because it’s very relaxing for me.

My husband was a proud high school classmate of Kevin Garnett. Yes, the great Kevin Garnett of Boston Celtics. And they are facebook friends, too. Like I infected my husband with Arsenal fever, he passed Celtics and Steelers bacteria to me and I watch almost every game of those teams now.

Tonight we watched a big game, LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics while we kept texting each other about the game.
It was going great. Celtics were beating Lakers by 30 points at most.
Then, when it was about 5 minutes to the end, both teams started switching their players. I could see the point difference was getting smaller since Celtics had taken starters out.
The game ended with 116-95 when it could’ve been 125-95 if Celtics had kept the main players and 30 points difference.
KG (Kevin Garnett) scored so many, he even became the 16th player in NBA history to score 25,000 career points.
This is how awesome Celtics were doing.

After the game, I called my husband and asked with a slight nagging tone, “Why did they change players?!”
Actually, I knew why. They use the same tactic in football: rest main players when you can and use the chance to test new guys out. But basketball players don’t have to run 120m like football players do. Basketball court is much smaller than football stadium. Plus, basketball has timeouts so players get breaks even though the game only lasts for 48 minutes. Football players don’t have any timeouts and run around a giant stadium for 90 minutes. Most of all, that’s what they do! Run and shoot, run and shoot, run, run, run! Isn’t stamina the basic of all sports? Running 5 more minutes is really that much for them?!
Like I always insist, “Get more, try harder, no limit soldiers, don’t settle for the present!”

For sure, my husband is just happy that Celtics won. He thinks they won a great victory. But I’m sorry that they didn’t maximize the point difference when they could. It could’ve been a more dramatic win! :b

*“Why is it that Americans, when they’re playing sport, wear so much padding?” – Michael referring to the Super Bowl in “Welcome to Sarajevo (1997)”


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