Fruits are pointless

I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t eat fruits. I don’t hate them. A verb “hate” still contains a meaning of interest that expresses hatred.
Fruits to me is like a lipstick to men. There’s no link or reason to care for.
I don’t see a point of eating fruits. You can get same nutrition from veggies. Finding time to eat fruits is awkward, too. They are not filling so can’t replace a meal and are not good for a dessert either. Dessert is supposed to be sweet or refreshing which applies neither to fruits. Less calories than a piece of cake? Well, not so much. A regular size of a banana or orange is about 120 calories, grapes, a couple of strawberries are about 150 calories, most melon kinds goes a lot higher than that. Why spend money and eat fruits?

But today I made a mango smoothie/juice whatever that fruit thing people like to drink.
Because I’d been eating bad for about a week, I decided to cook some healthy food and went to a grocery. There, I encountered this guy called mango whom I had never seen in a form of fruit, and sort of forced myself to give it a try. It took me a while to peel it, which was a major pain, and it tasted weird. Ugh…! But I found that it’s quite effective for one of my health issues. So I decided to eat some more and bought 3 mangos again today. When I got home, I didn’t want a hassle of peeling and cutting them again just to chew like the first time. Getting a hint from mango lassi, I wanted to grind them with soymilk thinking that’d make my fruit eating experience a bit more pleasant.
I only ate a half of my first bought mango so I ground the rest half.
Peeling fruits are more annoying than picking spilled toothpicks…
That’s not the texture I wanted but doesn’t matter. A thickness of drink doesn’t contribute on the fruit taste meter.
The 3 I bought today “feel” more ripped. So I’m sympathizing myself that those guys will taste better.
But really I think those will be the last mangos for me for many years.

A friend of mine posted on a facebook a few weeks ago. She said “Found strawberries in a fridge and made a strawberry smoothie with them. Simply remove the stem and blend with milk!” I seriously gotta tell her my amazing journey of making a mango-whatever-drink that was not so simple.
And my mom will be so proud of me to buy, peel, eat, even annoyingly use a machine to eat fruits.


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