Hair Donation

hair donation framed

“Bye bye my hair” 

Whoa, a lot has happened and I just realized it’s been a month since I wrote.
I got a job that I’ve been wanting (so the title of my previous post, “I’m never gonna get hired!!!”, turns out to be untrue), my husband has finally arrived in LA (on the day before Easter!), and I got a haircut.
I had a very long hair with almost no layers. It was a long heavy hair for 5″3′ woman.
After getting my first paycheck (yay!), I made an appointment with a supposedly-one-of-the-best salon, and I had to wait for 3 weeks for the earliest available date.
a few years back, I had a very short bob hair and everyone thought the hair looked good on me.
I wanted to make a big change on my hair just like how my life’s had positive changes for the past 6 months: I decided to get that short bob hair again.

When I told the hairstylist, “I want it about here (pointing above my chin line)” she was like, “Oh! really?!”
Then she carefully studied my hair and said “Do you want to donate your hair?”
I had no idea what hair donation was. I could guess it’d have something to do with making wigs but thought I’d give the hair salon my hair and they’d give me some sort of discounts…

Having no skills at hairdo, my hair was all natural, meaning no dying, perm, or even simple blow dry.
I was told that it’s the perfect condition for hair donation especially because it’s so long. -about 11 inch of cut length.
She sectioned my hair and tied with rubber band. Like a 6 year old girl would “experiment” with her hair, my stylist cut each 6 bunch of my hair, just right above the rubber band. It was no delicate, high-skilled scissors practice but simple “grab and cut” kind. Then, she wrapped it carefully in plastic wrap so it would be tight and unexposed to air.

She referred the organization “Locks of Love” but I found out that they are more for people with alopecia areata, long-term hair loss, not short-term hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiation, and other drugs.
I strictly wanted my hair to be used to cancer patient, especially for woman.
So I searched and mailed my heavy (yes, it was quite heavy…everyone in the salon tried holding and went “whoa!”) cut hair to Pantene Beautiful Length organization.
American Cancer Society recommends 2 places for hair donation: one is Pantene, and the other is Wigs for Kids, which is obviously for children cancer patients.
Due to certain process of making wigs, it’s pretty strict to be considered. They can’t accept hairs with conditions as follows: permed, dyed, often blow dried, exposed to strong sun, etc. Basically it has to be healthy, natural hair.
If you have a long hair, and plan to cut it, consider donation.


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