Vegan Green Tea “HOMEMADE” Ice Cream

Ah, work has worn me out.
Despite my full negativity post, I did get hired and it’s been almost 4 months since I started working.
One of many bad things is that I can only eat garbages. There’s no time to cook at home, and I’ve gained a lot.
A diet tip here: eat home cooked food.

So when I finally had some extra time to cook, I decided to make an ice cream because that’s the most sacred, satisfying, and necessary food if I have to choose only one food.

Although I’m not a vegan, I decided to make a vegan ice cream only because it’s so much lower in calories.
Plus, making it one of my favorite flavors green tea helps break down fat while detoxing my body.

As much as I love, adore ice cream, I’ve never made one. Never. At all.
So here’s how my creativity worked, very nicely.

1 can coconut Milk – unlike many other coconut based ice cream recipes, I just used the whole can rather than separating fat part of out milk. Not only it’s less calories than coconut fat ice cream, it’s faster and more convenient! You can just pour the can into the mix! I just walked down to wholefoods and got their store brand coconut milk. It doesn’t contain emulsifier and less fat than other brands.

1/4 cup green tea powder – I used “O’Sulloc Green Tea Powder.” ( Now, keep in mind that you need pure green tea powder, not those fake ones with sugar and other added sweets. O’Sulloc brand is not only 100% organic, but also the only tea brand/maker that’s HACCP certified.
I’ve seen a few U.S website that sells this. If not, you can always use other green tea powder but they won’t be as good as this one :b

1/4 cup of melted brown sugar – I was thinking about using agave syrup but I tried to use what I already have at home rather than shopping for ingredients. I melted brown sugar in a small pot with water until it becomes syrup-ish texture. I forgot to let it cool (told ya. It’s my first time making ice cream.) and mistakenly poured into the mixture but it was fine. 🙂

Super simple.
I just mixed all 3 ingredients in a bowl. Due to my super laziness, I didn’t want to pull out a hand mixer so I just whisked with a big spoon. It took a little while to melt green tea powder but worked just fine.
As I don’t have an ice cream machine, (ah, has this been agonizing me. Buy it or not to. That’s the problem.)
I poured the mixture into a rubbermaid plastic container and froze for an hour. (It’s a square, 5.2 cups size. The one you would pack your salad lunch to work)
After an hour, it was still runny a bit but I whisked it anyway. This is to put air into the mixture so it doesn’t freeze like a rock.

I was supposed to repeat this for at least 3 times until it becomes an ice cream texture but I had to go pick up my husband, then came home watched TV show, forgot, etc……

Next morning when I woke up, the first thing in my head was my ice cream.
I ran to the fridge, and it looked and felt like a rock…

I was going to let it sit in a room temperature a little bit, but couldn’t wait to try it.
I scraped it with a fork and it tasted unbelievable fantastic.
While I try to scrape a little more, it soon became softer and I was able to scoop out like a normal ice cream.
So there it is!

Next time, I’m gonna try soy milk based ice cream with chocolate powder. 🙂


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