About me


I’m a married Korean woman living in Los Angeles, the city of cars, great hispanic food, one season throughout the year, and yes, celebrities.

My husband once said I was like a philosopher because I play and write music, draw, write, speak multiple languages, do fairly good with numbers (Don’t! Plz don’t say a word dad), know random scientific facts, etc. We were just started dating when he said this so he might have been just flattering. But I think that was a very correct observation for only a couple of months he had known me.

I love all things, visible and invisible, edible or inedible, existing and nonexisting.
I find beauty and fun in all things.
So now you might think I’m a contemporary hippie.
Well, I’m not. Not at all.
I’m actually very sarcastic, critical, strong opinionated, and sometimes pessimistic person, which explains the title of blog “Schopenhauer.”
I love all things but I don’t always embrace them. I love them because I find issues in them. Does this make sense at all?
Let’s just say it’s my whip of love. 🙂


One thought on “About me

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